Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers

Recording Facilities




Our new recording facility  has been constructed within our large warehouse in Foxdale, Isle of Man.


The Control Room is a combination of analogue and digital, giving the best of both worlds, and we receive many kind comments regarding the transparency of sound produced by our systems.

Recording duties is to a high spec PC running Cubase, with the excellent SSL Nucleus control surface to keep things real.

Using a TAC Scorpion mixing console for the front end routing (small but perfectly formed), the studio has up to four discreet Rane powered headphone monitor mixes combined with the addition of EAW loudspeaker monitoring in the Live Room.

This desk has had every microphone pre-amplifier replaced using a new design also used to update AMEK consoles by Graham Langley, the original designer, bringing the sound quality right up to date; and every channel has been recapped.

In addition, half of the desk has been modified to a Langley Line only design, and these channels are fed by our extensive collection of discreet and classic sounding 500 series preamps:

2 x Neve 1073

3 x CAPI FD312 WHR4 Heider

2 x CAPI VP26

2 x Vintage API RE312 WHR4 Frank DeMedio modified (removed from Wally Heider's Studio 4 API console; Rumours, Abraxas, Crosby Stills & Nash etc)

2 x Vintage API RE312 Frank Demedio modified (Rare Huntington 2520 pre, removed from Sunset Sound Studio 2 API console; first 3 Van Halen albums, Stairway to Heaven etc)

Vocals may be recorded through our Universal Audio 6176, a 610 valve preamp followed by the classic 1176 preamp (Adele, Chris Martin etc)

Other preamps in our rack:

JDK R20 stereo pre for additional stereo sources

TF Pro P110 Super clean preamp/EQ/compressor

TF Pro P1 Preamp with optical compressor & EQ

Joe Meek VC1 preamp with drive & optical compressor

The 12 group outputs of this desk are fed to a MOTU HD192, Signature Series modified in Chicago by Black Lion Audio taking it to true audiophile fidelity. We also feed 8 direct outs to a MOTU 2408 (similarly modified by Black Lion), and the entire system is synchronised by a custom clock (as opposed to the internal clocks) tightening up bottom end and stereo image focus. In addition, an additional 24 channels of Black Lion modified analgue inputs (Motu 24i) bring the total simultaneous record channels to 44 if required.

The main monitors are 12" Tannoy Dual Concentric. Nearfield is provided by the traditional Yamaha NS10M nearfields, a vintage set of Auratones for low-fi checking and a pair of Genelec 1032A for critical listening while at the computer. The band 'green room' upstairs has a pair of Klipsch RB81s as remote reference for final mixes, incorporating the legendary Klipsch-horn.

These disparate loudspeakers are cunningly controlled via our custom made loudspeaker switcher, which combines active and passive technology seamessly. Named the MAD Switcher, it uses high quality relays and logic switching to effortlessly afford the listener unparalleled control of the destination with absolutely zero colouration of sound. Regular swapping of monitors is vital to guarantee a useable mix in the real world, and this device allows us to acheive this with ease.

The final mix can be passed through our TF Pro P38 Optical Mastering Compressor. We also use Black Lion Audio's AM/CHA1 inductive EQ (using amorphous core input and output transformers) for a classic sound. Signals can be passed through the BLA AGB Stereo diode compressor (similar to the Neve 33609) for ultimate control and pristine sound.



Manx Sound Recording Studio Control Room





Digital editing duties are handled by a custom built, silent running i7, with 12gB Ram running Windows 7, Cubase SX5 and WaveLab 6. Rarely has  this computer seen the internet!

A Universal Audio UAD2 Quad card is installed. Installed and frequently used plugins include:

Ocean Way Live Room simulator

AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb

EMT190 Plate Reverb

EMT250 Digital Reverb

Cooper Time Cube Delay

Fairchild, Urei 1176, Teletronix LA3, Neve 33609 and UA Precision Buss compressors

Valley People Dynamite Gate

MXR Chorus/Flanger

Little Labs Voice of God

Little Labs Phase Alighnment Tool

UA Precision Enhancer (Hz & KHz)

Tonelux Tilt

UA 610 Preamp




An SSL Nucleus puts the fun back into piecing together final mixes, and we've recently added a Native Instruments Maschine with the full Komplete 8 Instrument set and sample library.

This configuration allows for many different options to be offered with minimal effort. Though true analogue recording is now unfortunately a thing of the past, it is a legacy that we should never forget, and we can still offer that option having retained our Tascam MSR24 1" 24 track and TSR 8 1/2" 8 track machines.




The studio is made up of a control room, a vocal booth and a live room. Virtually total isolation is enjoyed between the live room and the control room, and monitoring may be either by headphones or a pair of EAW JF50s in the live room, depending on circumstances. The recording process is usually very efficient, and above the studio rooms are a 'green room' with kitchen where you may relax whilst colleagues are struggling with their parts!  



The secret to a good recording is ensuring that you have a good initial signal, and a good signal path to the recording medium. Using vintage TAC Scorpion desks, by legendary manufacturer AMEK, we believe that our signal path is second to none.

We pride ourselves in have a great understanding of the signal path, and in addition to major modifications to our convertors we have completed updating every channel on our main studio desk for even better clarity. Each preamp has been replace by Graham Langley's latest design, either as mic or line inputs, as was required. However, despite these modifications, nearly everything recorded in the studio uses our collection of Neve, API and Univeral Audio preamps, fed to to the newly designed line only channels for distribution to convertor channels and monitoring duties.

However, the quality and tone of the instruments used play a large part in the process and we hold a diverse range of keyboards, guitars, amplifiers and microphones which are available for use at any sesson.



Mics in our locker include the following:

Neumann TLM 49

Harper Diabate Valve Microphone (U57 Soundalike)

AKG C414 (limited anniversary edition) x 3

Blue Bottle (Cardioid, Omni & Figure of 8 capsules)

SE Titan

ADK Vienna Limited Edition (Matched Pair)


Groove Tubes GT50 (Matched Pair)

AKG Solidtube

AKG 451 x 2

AKG SE300 x 2

AKG D12E (Classic Dynamic Bass Mic)

AKG 1000 x 3

AKG C747 x 4

Shure SM90 (PZM)

Shure SM391 (PZM)

Shure Beta 58 x 6

Shure Beta 57 x 4

Shure SM58 (Loads)

Shure SM57 (Lots)

Sennheiser E604 (8)

Clock Audio C008 Boundary (8)


Keyboards available if required:


ARP Oddysey Mk1 (1971)

ARP Oddysey Mk3 (1979)

ARP Quartet vintage string machine

ARP Axxe Mk1

Casio CZ101

Casio CZ3000

Clef B30 mono synth (hand built by Mark in 1981)

Dave Smith Mopho analog mono synth

Dave Smith Prophet 08 PE

Hammond XB2 Hammond Organ clone

Kawai K1

Kork MonoPoly

Korg Mini 700

Korg Micro Korg

Korg MS2000B (with Vocoder)

Korg N1 88 note weighted synth

Korg N5

Korg Kaosilator

Korg SV1 73 note weighted vintage Piano

Maplin 5600S stereo monophonic synthesiser (1979!)

Moog Voyager Signature Edition

Moog Phatty Signature Edition

Oberheim OB8

Roland JX8P

Roland Super JX10 (with modifier)

Roland Jupiter 6

Roland Juno 6

Roland SH1000 monosynth

Roland Gaia Analog Modelling synth

Roland VK8 Hammond Organ Clone

Technics Electric Piano

Waldorf Blofeld

Yamaha CS5

Yamaha CS15

Yamaha DX7 Mk2

Yamaha DX9

Yamaha AN1X



Guitars / Basses available if required:

Fender Strat (Jap 1983 with Lace Sensor pickups)

Ibanez Roadstar 440 superstrat (1986)

Washburn Raven Mk4 (1981)

Gibson SG (1971 with P90 pickups and tremolux trem) 

Gibson Les Paul (1979 Artist with Moog Electronics)

Gibson J45 Acoustic (1971)

Godin A6 6 strin electro acoustic guitar

Godin A12 12 sting electro acoustic guitar

Godin Multiacc classical electro acoustic guitar

Fender Jazz Precision Special (Jap, 1984)

Ibanez SDGR (Sound Gear, Jap, mid '80s)

Rickenbacker 2001 (1973)



Marshall Lead 100 (1974) with 1969 4x12 cab

Marshall Mode 4 with 4 x 12 cab

Marshall Valvestate 100 with two  4x 12 cabs

Don Audio Buggane Mk3 with two 1 x 12 cabs

Fender Blues DeVille 4 x 10 combo (90s re-issue  model)

Selmer Concorde 2 x 12 70s valve combo

WEM Clubman 1 x 10 60s valve combo

Peavey Renown 2 x 12

Peavey Bandit 1 x 12

Trace Elliot 300w Bass Head with 4 x 10 cab





With many years of live and recorded sound behind us, we are happy to assist in the overall production of your music, or simply to record it as high a standard as possible.

With strong links with the Manx Heritage Foundation (now Culture Vannin), Folk or Celtic music is regularly catered for.

Similarly however, a long pedigree in live sound both on and off the Isle of Man has ensured a confident understanding of many different genres of music, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Alternative, Even more Alternative etc.



Pease contact us to discuss your project.

Usually the studio must be accompanied by one of our engineers, but in certain circumstances we do allow the facility to be dry hired, so if you have a preferred engineer who is capable of running a session do feel free to contact us with details of your project and we will be pleased to discuss it.

If you would simply like to visit the studio to take a look then please get in touch and we'd be happy to oblige.